Asia Forex Mentor Earns “Best Comprehensive Course Offering” Award From Investopedia

Singapore, Feb. 05, 2021 (GLOBE NEWSWIRE) -- With the internet, there are more people than ever who have the flexibility and the ability to get started in investing on all sorts of markets. One such market is the Forex (Foreign Exchange) market, which has become much more accessible since experts started to trade on the web.

The Forex Market can be a fast and volatile market, which is why many individuals don’t necessarily feel comfortable trying it out. There have been a number of online courses and other resources available, but many new investors feel intimidated by the overwhelming amount of information that is out there.

Asia Forex Mentor is one company that has come alongside of investors with the intention of assisting them with this process and ensuring that consumers have the resources they need to participate in an educated manner in the Forex market. Founded by Forex trading expert Ezekiel Chew, focuses on investors in Asia (and around the world) as they work on their Forex trading skills.

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